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Responsibly Produced Gas

Jonah Energy is certified with a gold TrustWell™ Rating and is the first producer in the nation to receive TrustWell’s Verified Attribute for Low-Methane, providing utilities with the Responsibly Produced Gas their customers demand. Jonah Energy is a proven environmental leader, continuously improving in all phases of its operations through the implementation of new technologies and demonstrated accountability and sustainability in the protection of air, land, water and wildlife.

As part of our ongoing Responsibly Produced Gas initiative, we partner with a variety of environmental and community groups to further enhance our environmental protections and actively engage with a variety of community partners throughout Wyoming.

Jonah Energy’s Responsibly Produced Gas initiative is based on proven environmental sustainability, including:

  • Air emission reductions
  • Reduced surface disturbance and a world-class reclamation program
  • Leading water recycling and groundwater protection measures
  • Enhanced protection of wildlife
  • Community partnerships
  • Partnerships with environmental conservation organizations

What powers our Responsibly Produced Gas initiative:

  • Drone technology and LDAR practices
  • Innovative FLIR program incorporates new technology to track, identify and monitor emissions
  • Continuous monitoring and testing of air emissions
  • Better methane intensity score than industry benchmark of 0.62%
  • Solar power on over 4,000 field units generating over 2.2MW of energy, enough to power 450 homes
  • No sourcing of water from rivers or lakes, and all water used in our operations is recycled in on-site facilities

Jonah Energy’s past and present operations in the Jonah Field reflect the company’s commitment to gainful and responsible natural gas production, as well as environmental sustainability and protection.

Steve Harshman, speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives

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