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We work to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency in both our planning and operations.

In the Jonah Field this includes nationally recognized programs to reduce air emissions, utilize natural gas as a fuel source and virtually eliminate the practice of flaring.

Natural gas fueled drill rigs, green completions and our leak detection and repair program are a few of the measures in place within the Jonah Field that have substantially reduced our operating emissions.


In the Jonah Field, we reduce our impact in a number of ways:

  • Water conservation through our significant treatment and recycling operations
  • Extensive use of solar power (approximately 1.73 MW)
  • Spill avoidance and mitigation through engineering controls and training
  • Industry-leading surface reclamation program that supports wildlife and agricultural activities


Conserving Habitat diversity and reducing impact to plant and animal populations that may be affected by our operations are key considerations in the planning and execution of our operations.

In the Jonah Field we have programs in place to minimize our impact, reduce disturbance and protect and enhance habitat.

Limiting our environmental footprint is a priority and an integral part of our operations — from corporate headquarters to the field.

Howard Dieter, Vice President - Environmental, Health & Safety


We operate safely for each other, our contractors, our communities and our environment.

Every employee and contractor working for us has the authority to stop work if they have safety concerns.

We continually assess and communicate risks.

From field operations to our downtown Denver headquarters, protecting the health and safety of anyone affected by our activities is integral to our core values.

Maintaining a balance of conservation and development is good for us, our communities and the landscape we all share.

Paul Ulrich, Vice President - Government & Regulatory Affairs


We have worked hard to build mutually beneficial relationships with the communities where we work and operate, and are committed to maintaining and enhancing those relationships.

In addition, through our Community Investment Program we volunteer our time, sponsor local charitable organizations and community events, and support our people's contributions through a matching program.

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