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Collaboration is key, which is why we signed on to the International Methane Emission Observatory Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0, are a member ONE Future and a sponsor of the GTI Veritas initiative. Each of these collaborations is a leader in a key component of industry change, and we believe that collectively they will result in consistent, credible and transparent emission reductions across the supply chain.

We see it as our job to lead in delivering energy as responsibly as possible to meet the expectation of a cleaner energy future.

One Future logo

ONE Future

A leading industry-led organization that focuses on methane emissions reporting and reduction across the natural gas supply chain. Jonah is part of ONE Future because it is the leading organization in transparency in methane reporting in the U.S.

GTI Project Veritas logo


Jonah joined the Gas Technology Institute’s Project Veritas to help build a US-based model like OGMP in order to provide consistency of US-based reporting.

United Nations OGMP partnership logos

United Nations Environment Programme
Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP)

Jonah believes that methane emissions reporting and reductions need to be credible, measured and transparent. The OGMP is a standard created through collaboration with UNEP, CCAC, the EU and EDF to establish the Gold Standard in credible, measured and transparent emissions reporting.

Jonah Energy is the first, and currently only, U.S. based company to achieve the gold standard rating.

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