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Jonah Energy Honored for Reclamation Achievements

PINEDALE, WYO., June 5, 2024 – The American Society of Reclamation Sciences (ASRS) this week honored Jonah Energy LLC with its “Distinction in Reclamation” award for demonstrating excellence in reclamation design, implementation, and overall success, resulting in the conservation of natural resources and the ecosystem. Jonah Energy is the first oil and gas company in ASRS history to receive the award.

In its award nomination, ASRS said that despite operating in western Wyoming, one of the harshest environments in the lower 48 states, Jonah Energy has been able to achieve remarkable reclamation results in the Jonah Field. ASRS said specifically that Jonah Energy has accomplished results by being dedicated stewards of the land, through strategic partnerships with universities, consultants, and government researchers, and by adapting their operations to lessons learned through science and on the ground practices.

“It is an honor to receive this award and recognition of our team’s focus on stewardship. As a result of our commitment to conservation, reclaimed land in the Jonah Field is more diverse and productive than undisturbed lands, resulting in improved habitat for wildlife.” said Jonah Energy President and CEO Tom Hart. “I could not be prouder of our team for continuing to deliver innovative reclamation results consistent with Jonah’s core values. They demonstrate that responsible energy development and conservation efforts are compatible.”

This is the second award given to Jonah Energy by ASRS in recent years. The Society named Jonah Energy Reclamation Specialist Josh Sorenson as its “Reclamationist of the Year” in 2021. Sorenson was the first, and remains the only, recipient from the oil and gas industry in the 37-year history of the award.

“I am really pleased to see Jonah Energy receive this award. They have been a leader in reclamation locally, statewide and nationally.” said Bob Budd, Executive Director, Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust. “This is so well deserved, and another example of industry working with conservation to develop minerals in a responsible manner.”

In addition to leadership in reclamation associated with oil and gas development in the western US, Jonah Energy is also a recognized leader in emission reductions and habitat conservation.

About Jonah Energy LLC

Jonah Energy is an oil and gas exploration and development company operating in the Jonah and Pinedale Fields in Sublette County, Wyoming. The company is one of the largest privately held natural gas producers in the US and focuses on producing natural gas in an environmentally responsible manner.

About ASRS

The American Society of Reclamation Sciences (ASRS) is a professional society of international prominence, including members from 20 countries. ASRS's professional interests include all aspects of land reclamation and the protection and enhancement of soil and water resources, regardless of the source of the disturbance.

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